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Fifth Generation Ranch

Our Farm

Ranching since 1888

In 1888 our Great Great Grandparents, William Edward and Ellen Francis Hornibook, purchased land near Goldendale, WA.  Over the years the original homestead has been continuously owned and operated by their descendants and various parcels have been added to the family operation.  The ranch is recognized as a Washington State Centennial Farm, in that has been owned and operated by the same family for longer than Washington has been a state.

Mount Adams over Green Pasture

Our Story

Love for Ranching

Our land is ideal for raising cattle.  We have wide open spaces full of grass for grazing. We use a portion of our land to grow hay for winter feed.

The original homestead is part of about 1000 acres we operate just south of Goldendale.  This ground provides good early season pasture and plentiful grass and alfalfa hay.

We also operate about 500 acres north of Goldendale near the Goldendale Golf Club.  This ground is good for year round grazing.

Our most scenic ground and largest contiguous land is about 2000 acres west of Goldendale near Blockhouse. This ground offers good year round grazing and has some irrigation which provides green grass in the heat of summer.

Early winter, ready for hay
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