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Our Cattle


We have about 100 cows. They are big, gentle, black-angus cross. Each year we hand select our very best heifers to join our herd.

Most of our cows calve in March - the "spring calvers".  Others calve in August or September, our "fall calvers". 

We keep the very best steers and raise them to full weight for grass fed beef - 1200 pounds or more.  Typically we have grass fed beef ready for pickup in summer and more in fall.  We sell other calves that will not be retained for custom beef at a market livestock auction when they are about 650 pounds.

Our custom grass fed beef can be purchased by the quarter.


We maintain three top quality registered angus bulls. Some bulls are purchased at bull sales and we buy others directly from breeders.

We also use Artificial Insemination to breed our cattle to the best bulls in the country. Each year we produce about 25 calves using this method.  Our herd quality has improved since focusing on genetic quality.

Dad with 686.  Mount Adams in distance.
Big Rock
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