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Grass Fed Beef

Price Breakdown

There are three elements of pricing.

First, for the beef itself, we charge by the pound, hanging weight.  This is the meat, with some bone and fat, as it hangs in the cooler after the animal is processed.  Our animals average 675 pounds, but can vary from the low 600s to the mid 700s.

Second, the we normally use CJs in Wapato as our butcher.  CJ's charges 90 cents per pound to cut and wrap the meat.  During this process some of the excess fat and bone is removed and discarded.

Third is for the slaughter and initial processing.  The cost is $120 per animal.

Hanging Weight Price

$3.79 per pound hanging weight paid to Fifth Generation Ranch.  Processing and cutting and wrapping paid separately to butcher.  Processing is $30 per quarter.  Cutting and wrapping is $0.90 per pound.


Hanging weights typically vary from 150 - 180 pounds per quarter.

One quarter is half of a half and includes cuts from the entire beef.  Some cuts like brisket are difficult to coordinate when ordering less than 1/2 beef.  We do sell by the quarter, but encourage customers to purchase a half to maximize flexibility of custom cuts.

A typical 675 pound hanging weight will cost just under $3300 for a whole animal.

We eat our own meat too!
Photo from a happy customer.
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